Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Louboutin Style Macaroons!

Do you remember a previous post of mine about some edible Christian Louboutin shoes?
The cookies that were especially made to look like the prettiest shoes on earth?
Now i have some other news about our beloved Christian Louboutin!!!
It started last summer on the hot,fashionable Paris and were available from 11/9!
The Louboutin X Ladurée special edition macaroons have been introduced by Louboutin in collaboration with King of French Patisserie Ladurée. 
They came in boxes of 6,8 and 12 which not only tasted good (as i have read) but also look good. (as i have seen)
The box was printed with designs of Louboutin’s famous shoes.
They were prepared by Louboutin and Ladurée's pastry chef Philippe Andrieu and came in flavours of fig and date.
Unfortunately they were limited edition and lasted for almost,like,a week or so...
But they still look pretty on picture don't they?

What else can he do?
We already love him too much!!!

Oh!So Boo!!!


  1. My oh my! I love macaroons! This is the closest to Louboutins as I'll ever get! :))

    Send me a box! lol.

  2. Έχουν έρθει άραγε Ελλάδα??

  3. Nope. όχι Ελλάδα.
    Αποκλειστηκά και μόνο στα Laduree του Παρισιού και στα Harrods του Λονδίνου!

  4. Ego ena tha po : "Come to mummy!" :D :p

  5. Oh my god, these boxes are amazing! Love the pink one!!!



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