Sunday, 16 January 2011

Minnie - the up and coming "innie"

Marian Fountain "Minnie" Mortimer. Born and raised on Manhattan's Upper East side and married to American Oscar winning film maker Stephen Gaghan is one of my current,favorite,new and young designer.
In the Spring of 2009 Minnie Mortimer launched an eponymous woman's sportswear line with a feature in Vogue Magazine.
She and her designs have been features in Marie Clair, InStyle, Elle, Vogue Nippon, Teen Vogue, Paper Magazine and others. Minnie Mortimer had been featured on the Today Show, Good Day LA and has an upcoming cameo on the CW show Gossip Girl.
Minnie Mortimer designed an exclusive collection for the W Hotels Global Glam line in the Fall of 2010.
Her designes are preppy and chic,with ruffles,silk,polka dots and stripes being the star ellements to her whole collection.
Just check it out,and tell me...
How about this for up and coming???

Oh!So Boo!!!

Here is Minnie...

And here her designs...


  1. i like your blog

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  2. She is so cool and sweet. I really like her too, a lot.

  3. thanks for sharing, nice pictures x

  4. hi, love the designs!!,
    thank you for the comment, I like the earmuffs too, they are soo warm and cozy :)

    I have posted my recent purchases, come and take a look on my blog :)


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