Sunday, 27 June 2010

World Cup highlights...

It's this time of year when all guys (and some girs,including me :-D) line up into divey bars,coffee shops and friends houses all over the world to watch The Word Cup 2010 in South Africa.
It's not just football -though- that you can see in S.Africa...
For people in fashion and gossip columns is about the players and their Wife's and Girlfriend's (a.k.a WAGs)...
And that's what i wanna share with you people!

WAGs (or Wags) is an acronym used particularly by the British tabloid press to describe the wives and girlfriends of high-profile football players, originally the England national football team.

In England -where football is the most popular sport- these ladies are high maintenance all around celebs and there are a lot of women who look up to them.
They are pretty,sexy,stylish and have the best of...almost everything...from clothes to cars and bodies to husbands.

Victoria Beckham - The former Posh Spice is still Posh as the "Queen WAG"

 She currently lives in L.A with her gorgeous husband and 3 kids and even though she has grown...older...and has given birth to 3 babies she still has the body,the style,the thrive.

Namely,some of the other well-known WAGs that "rule" the field 

Steven Gerards wife - Alex Curran 

Cheryl Cole - Singer in the all-female pop group of "Girls Aloud", "The X-Factor" judge married to Chelsea's superstar Ashley Cole

Noemie Lenoir wife of Claude Makelele and well-known Victoria's Secret lingerie model
Colleen McLoughlin - Wayne Rooney's wife and baby mother - She also hosts a tv show called: "Colleen's Real Women" 

Alena Šeredová  the Czech Supermodel who has stolen Gianluigi Buffon's heart and "mothers" his baby

And last but not least Eva Gonzalez the Spanish beauty engaged to Ilker Cassilas the golkeeper of Real Madrit and Spain's National Football Team.
(that's a woman i'm jealous of...Ilker is just gorgeous!!!)

I do not take credit for these pictures,they are all product of Google Searching.

It's DENIM people!!!

Ok now,tell me!
Is there anyone in this world who don't like jeans or denim in any form that is?????

Not a single person i would say!
I -though- totally love jeans!
As in my denim romper,my pink ripped skinny jeans and my Levi's denim cut-off's!!!
They are cute,stylish and weather appropriate for that time of year!
They can also be worn with chunky wedges and cork heels or plimsolls and flats!

 My RELIGION pink ripped skinny jeans!!!

My ZARA denim romper :)

I have no photos of my Levi's cut-offs though!
(i turned them from jeans to shorts just last week :P)

Rocking the denim trend!!!
Rihanna in a Balmain Denim Military Jacket

Stylish Blogger Andy from Stylescrapbook in H&M trend jeans

I take credit for the pictures shown in these post of myself only and if someone would wish to re-post them somewhere else i'd like you to make a link to my post here.Thx. 

Friday, 25 June 2010

Junes Favorites Part 2!

And now the clothes....and the shoes...

(You will see,it's pure love at first sight!)

Junes Fave Apparel

So pretty with a fun design and perfect for loling around in a pool ;) 

Dune Jetta Metal Heeled Peep-toe shoe
With Colorfoul leather and metal heel it is a "statement" pump and can pump up the volum to any monochromatic outfit!!!

I HEART!!! (L)

And last but not least.....
  The Missoni Ecuador Kimono Mini dress!!!
A little expensive -though- for my budget but it sure is a sight for sore eyes!!!

I do not take credit for these picture. They are all product of careful online shopping.

Junes Faves :)

June is slowly walking out the door and i'd like to share with you my favorite apparel,shoes,songs and...stuff ;) for this month!

Junes Fave Model

Candice Swanepoel

The 22 year old South African model swept everyone away with her mesmerizing 84-59-88 body at this Summers Victoria's Secret Swimsuit Catalog as also in the "What's Sexy 2010" V.S Party.
She's gorgeous and sexy and she knows it ;)

Quoting her this summers' SEXY in SWIMSUITS is.. "The less the better!"

(Yeah!if i were u!!!)))

Junes Fave Singer 

The ever sexy Barbadian singer Rihanna as seen Live in Athens (Junes 1st)

With the release of 3 new singles and Video Clips Rihanna climbed up really high and really fast this month.
Not only this but this chick got style and as she says in Hard (Feat Young  Jeezy)
"And my runway never looked so clear
But the hottest bit** in heels right here!No fear!
And while youre gettin your cry on
Im gettin my fly on..."
And she sure gets her fly on!!!

Thursday, 24 June 2010


Follow my blog with bloglovin

Follow my blog with bloglovin

Affordable Fashion

Fashion is not a way to show off how much money you have but a way to show off how stylish you can be even with a limited budget!

While browsing to some of my favorite online stores i found some really cute pieces at really nice prizes and i'd like to share them with u

The D&G Antibes Muti Colour Bangle Watch at 200 euros from ASOS

The Deco 60's inspired sequin dress at $31 from Nasty Gal

The Cut-Out Suedette bootie from NewLook that costs only 20pounds
And my personal favorite!   
The Disney Couture 'Alice In Wonderland' Purple With Gold Plated Flower Face Ring 
by ASOS at only 20,50 Euros! (i love it!!!)

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Gossip Girl

I admit i had loads of time in my hands and was re-reading the Gossip Girl novels by Cecily von Ziegesar 
and realized that there are a lot of differences between the novel characters and the TV series.
So -out of curiosity- i scanned some pictures of the characters....

Here is Blake Lively in the part of Serena VanderWoodsen,one of the female leads wearing a cute stripe blazer,a plain white shirt,jeans and low heeled boots.

  She has a casual-chic style that i really like and while browsing some of my favorite blogs,it downed me!


Chiara Ferragni of theblondesalad is the epitome of this style,and she could easily still Serena's part.

Watch out Hollywood!
Here come the bloggers!!!

Hello blogger-world!

Hello blogger-world!
Nice to finally greet you!
I always wanted to started a blog to share my thoughts,ideas,tips and above all style....
My "weird" (according to some people) personal style.

So this is the begging and as i always say....


'Cause that means that you are not fashion victims but fashion lovers (and fashion bloggers)
that you take no-ones advice on how to dress but your own,and that you have a wonderfully charming personality because you stay true and you stay you!

Keep it up! ;)