Saturday, 25 September 2010

Red (hair) Alert!

I had in my archives an entry about LFW that i neglected to post since my internet connection was fucked - up since Monday (pardon my French) but i decided not to post it yet since I'm too excited not to share this idea I just had!

So...I wanted a change...and i decided to dye my hair which is naturally dark blondish to light brownish, though i have already dyed it once more (dark chocolate brown) and said that I would let them turn back to my natural hair color  now i take it back ;)

I decided i want something edgy,something fun and a little extravagant.

A poping RED! (though i don't yet know the exact shade it will sure be something different ;) )

Here are some inspiring flaming chicks who can pull off this look without losing their style.


with Eminem at MTV's 2010 VMA's

Hayley Williams of Paramore

Lily Cole, Coco Rocha, Lydia Hearst and Karen Elson

Ashley Simpson , Kirsten Stewart and Scarlet Johansson

These are just a few pictures of the fierce auburn haired ladies we all know and love.
Though I'm not sure how i will look in their 'cause I'm not as fair skinned (Thank you Mediterranean genes!!!) but we will see i guess...

I do not take credit for these pictures. Every single one of them is product of Google-searching.

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