Sunday, 15 August 2010

#Summer Vacations

I haven't really got down to writing an actual post for a veeeery long time and i kinda missed it!
The reason is THE SUMMER VACATIONS of course!
Which in my case lasted 3 weeks!
Two weeks spent in Thessaloniki and Chakidiki with my boyfriend,and the last one in Santorini.
A majestic island in Cyclades.

This is the White Tower (Lefkos Pirgos) of Thessaloniki,
it is near the port and the center of the town and can be seen from far away it is also
the most known monument of the city!
In the middle of July -when i was there- the heat was unbearable,the thermometer reached 43 Celsius degrees in the center of the city!!!
But of course that couldn't stop us from going shopping and purchasing too much stuff that i couldn't really zip my suitcase without breaking the zipper :S
(I'm glad that my boyfriend always travels with less luggage than i do -he has so much spare storage in his suitcase- =D )
(Yeap!this overstuffed room is overstuffed with my belongings :PPPP )
After 5-6 days spent in the city,we went to my boyfriends country house in Chalkidiki and spent a week there before getting on the train to Athens.


The village were we were staying in Chalkidiki is called Flogita and it's really pretty with beautiful beaches,clean sea and really nice beach bars ;)

What i also love about summer?
The swimsuits!!!!!
I have like a dozen different tops and half a dozen swimsuit bottoms,i love mixing and matching my bikinis.