Friday, 7 January 2011

Emanuelle Alt --> the new Carine!

Almost a month ago the fashion crowd was shocked to find out that Carine Roitfield resigned from her position as editor in chief of Vogue France
And we were wondering what she'll do next and most importantly,who will be the one to fill in Carine's shoes as editor in chief in the legendary French Fashion magazine.

Emmanuelle Alt
The previously Fashion Director of the french Vogue,and also a fashion stylist is now Vogue's new Editor in Chief!

Well done Emmanuelle!


  1. I don't know much about Emmanuelle but I'm excited to see if she measures up!

    xxo Tess S.

  2. Agree with the comment above!
    By the way your blog is set up really awesome im so glad I found it! (: im going to follow you and hope you check me out aswelland give me feedback! xx

  3. love that white fur coat! beautiful


  4. Απο τα looks εδω δειχνει πολυ στυλατη,ελπιζω να ειναι τοσο καλη οσο η Carine!Thanks for sharing,δεν ηξερα ακομα οτι αυτη ηταν η αντικαταστατρια!!

  5. I'am so happy that you put me in your followers !
    thank you so much :)

  6. I have total belief in her,she has a strong fashion-related history,and also her husband is in the fashion industry.
    And yes,she is pretty!
    And don't damn me if i say this,but i think she's prettier than Carine herself!
    Let's hope for the best!


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