Friday, 21 January 2011

Blogger Crush!!!

It's been quite long that I wanted to post about my favorite bloggers...
Each one of them for a different reason...
But then i saw Carolina Engman,and realized that she has everything i love -all in one-
 She is a freelance stylist, writer and fashion blogger of Fashionsquad.

She has this amazing old-school, kind of hippie, kind of boho style that gives her modelesque figure such a 70’s style…
You see her and think of Charlotte Gainsbourg, Diane Keaton in “Manhattan” and…Fara Fosset
Fringes,ponchos,high-waisted flare pants and maxi skirts…tourbans,and panama hats,headbands and enormous sunglasses…and Oh!Those shoes!
Junky heeled booties and pumps,wedges and military style ankle boots…
Simply gorgeous!
Oh!So Boo!!!


  1. This is absolutely a beautiful collection of photos. :) The last photo is my favorite.

  2. I love it! i'm following you fantastic blog xoxo

  3. same! i love her blog too :)

  4. Great compilation of photos the outfits ;)


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