Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Inspirational photos ~ Copenhagen

The capital of Denmark since the early 15th century,is beencategorized as the city with the best quality in life,and we can sure agree with that just be looking at the sights.
The biggest part of the city is built in the island of Zealand and ofshore and some part is built on the island of Amader and some islandets in between.
Danish Radio Concert Hall
The Golden Diamon
Copenhagen Opera House
Hotel Nimb

"Louisiana" the museum of modern art and culture
The little mermaid statue and the canals...
Everyone bicycling...

 And of course the unbelievable Flodebollers -clasic danish sweets-

Besides that,there is the Glyptoteket cafe,the Noma Restaurant,The pantomime museum,and all this pretty architecture...the buildings designed by Arne Jacobsen,the walks in the Medieval City (the inner city) and the classic canal rides on the boats.
Just beautiful!

Oh!So Boo!!!


  1. Νομιζω πως ειναι ακομα και 2 πολεις του καναδα! Το βανκουβερ και το μοντρεαλ! :) Best quality in life i mean!

  2. Στην ευρώπη όμως???? ;)
    Τι όμορφα που είναι....


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