Thursday, 6 January 2011


If life was perfects...
If dreams would come true,then I would...

have her hair...

Have this house...
With this bedroom and closet...

Live in Louboutins and Mulberry...
cupcakes and macaroons...
Starbucks Lattes and Martinis...
These would be my dogs... 
These would be my best friends....

 Dis I forget something????
my car!!!

And this would be my car!Of course!!!

So what are your dreams????

Oh!So Boo!!!


  1. If life was perfect we would easily get bored and aslo if the dreams were easily achived would be the same the more we try to make our dreams come true ,the more we long them to come true and this is what keeps us alive and happy and have an aim in our life and in the end doing great things..So keep on trying what you wish for..

  2. WOW!like this post :))

    I also want this hair lol

  3. hair-closet <3 eternal loves, unfulfilled dreams :P
    but who knows? :D
    wishing you all the best for this year, maybe 2011 will bring u one step closer to what you dream of :D

  4. if you want you can go to my blog to see the dresse that i made, it's a lasy gaga dress ^^

  5. I have red hair. Not that long but still, red.
    Love your blog. Thank you for the follow. I follow you too.

    Tereza xoxo

  6. none of these things matter.....
    and you can do anything you want with your hair...the rest really do they matter NO
    all you need is love

  7. thank you so much to had me in your "favoris"
    you are my number 2 !! iam really enjoy !!!
    have a good day

  8. Haha really very nice idea. Why not daydream from time to time?!
    Thanks for sharing!
    All the best
    Midnight Couture Girls


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