Thursday, 11 November 2010

Christian Louboutin - Edible style!

Browsing around the web i stumbled upon these very delicious Christian Louboutin and i just had to share them with you!

These are Sugar Envy's new cookie design for their "Luxe Heel" collection.
Since we can't afford to keep an entire collection of Louboutins in our closets, you can imagine how much we LOVE these cookies! At about $1 per cookie inch, you can nab the entire Christian Louboutin 'Lux Heels' set for less than the price of an actual pair of, well, real Louboutins.

Although it's time for me to buy my very first Red Soles (gift from me,to me :-D) and I don't know if i should go with Rolando or Bibi pumps or the Fifre ankle boots or the Volnay sandals???
I think it would be easier for me to buy a dozen Louboutin cookies,or even the whole collection!
That's the beauty of such can just buy anything you want... 

And eat them all out!
Oh!So Boo!

Photo courtesy of Sugar Envy

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  1. Hello there... thanks for stopping by.
    You have a wonderful blog and I really enjoyed this post.
    I never thought I could eat the whole Christian Louboutin's collection, haha.


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