Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Jeffrey Campbell & Solestruck - I'm in Love!

To rid the world of ugly shoes,one pair at a time...

That's the motto of one of my new Online-shopping obsessions SOLESTRUCK
Solestruck is one of those shops which you can't just browse through...
It ain't possible,not for less than a couple of hours and definitely not without buying something!!!

That's what happened one night!
The very first night i discovered it!

So,you know,I'm a major shoe addict but what i love most is ankle boots!
Lace up ankle boots,and wedge ankle boots and chunky heeled booties with funky prints and cute unusual
So it was not weird that i fell in love with Jeffrey Campbell and spent hours browsing at SOLESTRUCK  until i found the perfect pair of shoes for my first Solestruck order :)

These are some of the shoes witch i loved and you can find of course at  SOLESTRUCK

Oh!So Boo!

The Meeker


The Lita Fur

The Eyebrow

The Slash Low

The All Stud
The Boot Camp

The Underground
The Meds

The Prospect
The Capone SFD

I was looking for the Camouflage Boot Camp Booties but where Sold-Out by the time i checked :////

This post is not a commercial post,it is just my taste in shoes ;)

I don't own the photos and not trying to promote Jeffrey Campbell or Solestruck.
I just loooove shoes! 

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