Thursday, 16 December 2010

"Get Lagerfeld, It’s tea time!"

So… I have a couple of questions to ask you…
Do you love fashion? Ok! I knew the answer on that…
But the real question is…
Do you love tea?
If you don’t, I guess from now on you will certainly do!

The german designing company Donkey Products has designed some surreal pret-a-porter teabags with your favorite fashion designers on them!
So you can say to your girlfriend: "Get Karl,it's tea time!"
or "Bring me Donatella for a cup of tea!!!"

Do you still not like tea? ;)
Oh!So Boo!


  1. Χαχα εχουν πολυ πλακα!Φαντασου να πινεις τσαι με τον Karl να σε καμαρωνει!!

  2. Einai poly epivlitikos omws o Karl!
    Katantaei vlosyros!!! :P
    Sorry Karl,egw lew na piw tsai me thn Donatella :PPP

  3. hehehehe ma ti allo tha vgaloun pia?? exoun plaka auta...alla den xerw poso tsouxterh einai h timh tous


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