Wednesday, 15 December 2010

The bag fetish!

It's by Fendi... For Fall 2010...
And you can’t call her modern!
Or edgy… or even trendy!
But is sure stylish!
She’s the epitome of style to be accurate!
Classic, with an avant-garde feeling, Fendi’s Classico reminds you of the romantics of 60s and the jet setters of 70s.

Perfect in any colour, as you can bellow...
It's really hard to decide which one you love most!

Oh!so Boo!


  1. Thanks for the follow &comment. x

  2. pragmatika mia polu idiaiterh tsanta auth h fendi den mporeis na thn peis edgy oute classy einai kati polu stylish me dosh chic and classy kai edgy and innovative


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