Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa…
I was a really nice girl this year and I’d like for you to get me these stuff as a reward!
(Even one of them would be fine ‘though!!!)
I know they may seem a little weird and mismatched but I do have what I need for them to match!
So...i'd like some shoes...

(yeah,they are too beautiful too decide about just one,so I'll let you do that Dear Santa :-D) 
  • The red bustier top that i found @ Thessaloniki
  • A pair of earmuffs, a knitted headband and that pair of leopard brogues I saw in Ermou street!

P.s.: Just found out that the last two are probably already bought, so can I add something else?
Well Ok…at least bring me that!

I Love You!
Oh!So Boo!
P.s2.: You know my size right???? Shoes--> UK5/US7/EUR37,5&38
And a UK10 for the blazer!
P.s3.: I shall not be too picky so...any gift would be appreciated!



  1. Wow I love the Lita shoes, they are gorgeous! Great wishlist, I hope you get it all hehe xx

  2. dear santa,

    fere kai kata dw tipota!
    desto san filanr8wpia gia "to xamogelo tou fashion blogger"!!!!


  3. gosh i love those shoes =]


  4. wow that's a super cute wishlist!!!
    earmuffs are super cute!!! and i'll need to go to paris!! brrrrrrrr it's cold!!!!
    nice blog i'm following you hope you'll do the same!! sweet kisses!!

  5. Wow I love Lita boots by J.Campbell!!! I follow you dear


  6. Oh! Thank you!
    I'm a serious shoe addict!!!!
    Wish Santa gives you anything you asked for this Christmas as well!
    Happy Holidays!

  7. Πολυ καλες επιλογες!!Ειδικα τα Foxy Wood toy J.Campell ειναι υπεροχα!!!

  8. Καλές γιορτές, με υγεία και ευτυχία,
    και ότι καλύτερο να σου φέρει
    η έλευση του 2011 :)

  9. but Santa hurry up please u don't have so much time to give all presents to this lovely girl!!!!:))))
    great wishlist...thanks for leaving the sweet comment on my blog!!!;) i'll be following u on google and bloglovin..;)

  10. Se euxaristw para polu gia ta munhmata sou sto blog mou den exeis idea poso xaroumenh me kanane..egw nai eimai apo thn athina k gia auto k den tha mporesw na paw sto blog gala sth thessalonikh kuriws logw apostashs k epeidh mallon tha douleuw ekeinh thn hmera :( :( :( klaps klaps mporei vevaia na eimai k ektos afhnwn gia upoxrewseis k gia kapoies diakopoules polu polu suntomes omws thessalonikh den tha anevw...esy nomizw eixes pei oti den mporeis na pas logw douleias...krima

  11. Athena mou k egw apo kallithea attikhs eimai!!! exe xarh na se exw petuxei kapou k na mhn to xerw hehe...
    dustuxws stis 26 tha paw sthn eparxia gia kati xartia k kati douleies k oligohmeres diakopoules ston patera mou ara den tha mporesw na paw sto blogger gala :( alliws tha hthela polu na phgainame mazi

  12. I love your Christmas wishlist, you funny girl!

    I truly hope Santa gets both of us a pair of Jeffrey Campbell's Mary Roks. I have wanted them for a full six months now!

    Seriously, I dream about them.

    Best wishes,


  13. thanks for the soooooooooo sweet comment! ti glykiaaa p eisai! s'eyxaristw poly poly!
    einai yperoxa auta pu eyxomai na ta apokthseis kapote!

    filakiaaa polla!


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