Sunday, 19 December 2010

Blog-Gala Greece 2010!!!

27/12/2010 - 21.30
La Scala - Thessaloniki

Who will be there?
Anyone who is anyone on the world of blogging here in Greece!
What will you see?
A Fashion-show of Nikidelux, goodie bags, an opportunity to talk,discuss and exchange opinions about fashion,style and practically everything with other fellow bloggers.
There will be a voting competition for the most inspiring blog here in Greece!
The winner will also be interviewed by IQ-magazine.

There will be a red carpet, an extremely stylish crowd, lots of surprises and of course...
an after gala party! (@ 22.30)
So,what are you waiting for?
Get ready, buy a ticket, book a room, pack your bags and in a week...
Greece's First Blog Gala will come true!

A big thank you to Lifestyle-Rebels for organizing it!!!

P.s.: I really wish i could go there but i'll be stuck in work, here in Athens :((((
*snif* *sob* *snif*

Oh!So Boo!


  1. Poli endiaferon fenete!!!!!
    Thnx gia t follow k nice blog!:)

  2. Thank you dear for the promotion!
    Kiss! <3

    Daphne! We are waiting for you! :D

  3. Kai mono pou skeftomai pws egw tha eimai Athina logo douleias anti g ekei... :@@@@
    In a way Christmas jobs do suck :/

  4. your blog is great, i like the design of it...
    i think i'll become a follower :)


  5. Ouffff ma giati to kanoun thessalonikh?? k emeis oi ellhnes bloggers pou douleuoume k spoudazoume ti tha kanoume dhladh? oute egw to pisteuw oti tha to xasw logw douleias :( oufff poso se katalavainw...telospantwn einai polu kalo pou organwnoun tetoia event k sthn ellada gia bloggers as to kanoun k sthn athina...
    i am a new follower of yours since i really like your blog and especially it's design love it! love the pic u have as a background
    it's gorgeous
    (elpizw na rixeis mia matia k esy sto blog mou k an vevaia sou aresei na gineis fan)

  6. pw pw diavazw auta pou les sto post k zhleuw tromera :( thelw na paw k egwwwwww :( oxi oti prokeite na vgw pote greece's most inspiring blog (oxi akoma :P) hehehe
    filia k pali

  7. oh! I won;t be there! It's a bit difficult to travel during christmas time! Maybe another time!


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