Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Blog-Gala & Awards Greece 2010!!!

As I have posted before a group of bloggers by the name of Lifestyle Rebels have the genius idea of organising a Blog Gala here in Greece,so that we -bloggers- can meet and mingle.
Talk and Listen,
Learn about blogging in other countries.
And generally have fun among others with the same interests!
Along with the Gala was organized the Blog Award (also the first Blog Award in Greece!)
Where the most inspiring blog (for the moment) would be chosen and presented with the Lifestyle Rebels Blog Award 2010 and an interview in a youth magazine (IQ magazine).

The event took place last night (Monday the 27th) at La Scala cafe-bar in Thessaloniki,Greece.
And of course I was there ready with my camera to show you how we Greeks deal with Blogging!

I met a lot of new bloggers such as Setty,Billy,Kaiti a.k.a Kexy and Christy 
the gorgeous models Mina,Gianna and Natasha and of course the most aspiring young designer Niki Asimakidis who presented us with a fashion show out of her clothing line NikiDeluxe

What I didn't know,though,was that I would end up getting the Greece's Blog Award 2010!!!

So,I'll stop talking....eeeer...writing...

And I'll just show you!!!
Oh!So Boo!!!

With my boyfriend!

With Kexy and Niki
Moi xD
The Lifestyle-Rebels

The models

The models with Niki Asimakidis -the designer-

Oh!I won!!! :)

I have loads of picture to share but not on my blog!
(not enough space you know!:P)

And I am preparing a post with the whole NikiDeluxe collection for you to see!
Keep posted!
I promise you it will be worth it!



  1. looks like a fun nite..and such an amazing event to meet fellow bloggers and amazing people

  2. Hi AthenouKa, wow love that dress. you look so gorgeous! like a celebrity:) love the pictures.

  3. thanks @Katy!!!!
    and yeah it was a fun night!!!@Kayra

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  5. Hello hello.Twra vrika xrono na sou milisw.Gongrats for the award!!!
    Na sou pw dwse mou to msn sou re si ama exeis.Gia na min xanomaste xD

  6. congratulations on the award dear! you look fantastic! =)

  7. Να κανονισουμε και αλλη συναντηση χαζαααα!χιχιχι!

  8. great post! I like it! I love your blog

    visit my blog

    merry xmass!

  9. thanks for your comment, and for following me :)
    I really like your blog, Im going to follow you too :)
    I love the dress you wear in the picture, where is it from?




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