Tuesday, 1 March 2011

When Starbags met Fashion Algorithm...

Good morning there my fellow readers!
It's such a nice day today...
The weather is nice and Starbags is turning 5!!!
Don't you know Starbags?
Well,I'll brief you a little...
Starbags is an online store where you can buy, rent or sell designer bags in extremely nice prices!
They have quite a variety and they also have clothing and shoes!
You should really check it out!!! ;)

So today is their 5th birthday and because of that they have arranged a giveaway along with Katerina from Fashion Algorithms
And what a gift they are giving...
A pretty Louis Vuitton pouch bag!
So If you are innit to win it, check the details here!

Oh!So Boo!!!


Let me know what you think. I always care! xD