Sunday, 13 March 2011

The Unstopable

She is on the cover of April's US Vogue
She got a Grammy...
and a Brit Award...

Her latest album "LOUD" is selling like crazy
and every girl sings "I may be bad but I'm perfectly good at it" in the tune of "S&M"
 She got her own perfume...
"Reb'l Fleur"

And now it is said that she may collaborate with Topshop for a new clothing line!!!

It seems like RED is Rihannas lucky color!
Or maybe 11 her number!

And Anna Wintour did see that, landing her in the cover of Vogue's next issue!
Can't wait to get it in my hands!!!

Oh!So Boo!!!

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  1. So happy for her!It's about time she got a Vogue cover. xoxo

  2. her red hair is outstanding!

  3. I don't normally like her hair but it looks really good on the cover!

  4. LOVE rhirhi! and typically free shipping is in the US only, but if you tell me what you're interested in, we can probably work something out!

  5. Vouge is great magazine :)


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