Tuesday, 22 March 2011

jeAnS & Kostantinos Mitrovgenis @ AXDW


What can I say about jeAnS....?
Obviously the collection showed clothes made of jean...
But not just pants...
Or to say it right, not just A PAIR OF PANTS!
It showed trousers,skirts and dresses that through zipping and unzipping they could "transform"
into an other apparel.
It was...
Plus the models had to "change" (a.k.a zip and unzip) in the runway so that we can see how easy it can be!!!
Bonus points the furry coat that turns into a skirt!!!

Kostantinos Mitrovgenis
Unfortunately I don't have many pictures 'cause my camera run out of juice in practically the beginning of the show. :S

Talking out unconventional,unique and edgy here comes Kostantinos Mitrovgenis.
We were expecting it alone from the flyers which were 3D effected and were given with 3D paper glasses
But it was more than that!
Neon colors,black light,3D effects, and transforming clothes were some of the things that we saw in this 
New Designers runaway show!
Plus in the finale,a model with a parachute came out (real life parachute)
and then here come Kostantinos Mitrovgenis,turning it into a dress!
Bonus points (for me): The show opened one of my favorite (or probably THE favorite) male models.
Kostas Grekas.
Let alone that.
Kostantinos Mitrovgenis won me over from the beginning!

Oh!So Boo!!!

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