Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Incoming: New York Fashion Week!

New York City hosts two major "Super Events" of Fashion with the big names of fashion unveiling their fall designs in February, and their spring collections in September.
And February is here...
And so is the Fashion Week!
So what do we expect to see...?

L.A. based producer Stephanie Danan and screenwriter Justin Kern may be branching out with Co, a new line of knitted furs, silks, and cashmere but they’re putting their West Coast designs in the coast of Manhattan this season!

Opening Ceremony's collaboration with MM6,guaranteeing that the Margiela fans will be thrilled and beyond!!! 
 Also the first independently published iPad magazine is a fact,and it's first grande party at the Soho House is on it's way to happen during NYFW on February the 15th. POST is here to stay!!!
Cloaks! Practically everywhere!!! In every fashionista,hipster and to-be fashion icon...
Cause right now,capes and cloaks are so in that you can't resist in having one...or two...or three...
And if you do get it,where should you get it from?
But of course Lindsey Thornburg !!! Do you have a better idea?
 Suno's collaboration with the eyeglass maker Warby Parker for the brand's Fall 2011 show on February 12.
Thom Browne's taking a stab at womenswear theater on February 14!
We love his menswear,his designs,his style,his presentation...would we miss this one??? 
Even his sketch looks promising!!!
Elise Øverland's fashion show will be much more than just stylish!
Her February 12 fashion show-on-ice will feature an installation from the Art Production Fund and figure skaters from the Ice Theatre of New York.
Fashion is Art after all!!!
Tawfik Mounayer used to be Isaac Mizrahi's right-hand for some time,and now he is back on the spotlight all by himself, with "Tribune Standard" and Daryl Kerrigan's return to NYFW!
I can't wait to see this seasons creations who are meant to have an edgy 70's feeling -something that we kind of expected of a "master" of boot-leg trousers like her-
There is also the launch of Giulietta on February 14,Sofia Sizzi's own work hitting the runway in a "La Dolce Vitta"  Italian air where jet-set and cosmopolitanism meets Catholicism.
How about a virtual collabopalooza? Bill Blass's fall show in Monkey Bar is something I'm really looking forward to see!
Belts and jewelry designed with Philip Crangi,hats by Albertus Swanepoel and shoes by Manolo Blahnik!
 Could this show get any better?
There is also the opening of the first Alexander Wang store,Waris Ahluwalia's party for the launch of Waris Loves,Michael Kors' 30th anniversary celebrations and much,much more!

I just wish i was there and post from personal experience!
But now i should thank style.com for some usefull information!

Oh!So Boo!!!


  1. that would be a fun event to attend, but I will be watching from afar again

  2. One day, one day I will be going to a fashion week.


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