Thursday, 28 October 2010

The "new" boots

The "above-the-knee" boots.
 A total must-have and probably the only kind of boots that look sexy and chick even in their flat version!
Celebrities love them but so are we!

Be aware though!!!
These boots aren't for everyone. If you're petite they can make your legs look shorter (and especially if the boot is flat) and if your thighs aren't your favorite part of your body i would advice you to better buy fold-over above-the-knee boots than the ones that don't fold,because they are not tight on your skin and can become knee length in a moments notice.

The hiking "lace-up" ankle boots.
An other fall trend that I love is the hiking boot!Or else the lace-up ankle booties!!!
They come in all shorts of heels and toes for every woman's taste 
(stiletto,chunky heel,wedge,flat,kitten heel/almond toed,peep-toe,round toed etc.)
and in my opinion it's the chicest way to wearing heels from dusk till dawn these time of year.

Leighton Meester in Christian Louboutin.

Sienna Miller in Chloe

Chloe lace-up wedges

Emma Watson and Alexa Chung in Burberry

Chloe and Jeffrey Campbell's

Alexa Chung in Acne

So Boo!

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  1. Teleio post!!! Mou aresoun oi goves twn Star (eidika ta Louboutins ths Meester kai ta Chloé sth 3h eikona) kai to afierwma sou gia ta Overknees. Skeftomai na parw edw kai ena xrono, alla epeidh eimai 1,60 den sumferei kai polu, ektos an parw flats, alla epeidh paw sxoleio akoma kai twra exw trexamata triths lukeiou (oxi, den eimai 17, tha klisw ta 19, alla me katevasan takseis logw ekswterikou) kai ksimerovradiazw se sxoleio kai front, epishs den me sumferei na agorasw overknees me takouni (ase pou edw sthn eparxia tha ta vlepan me miso mati ...). We will see.
    Pantws, mou aresei to blog sou para polu. Kai egw eimai fanatikh ths Rihanna (an afaireseis to ti kanei sto malli ths kathe treis k ligo) kai perimenw pws k pws na vgei to neo ths Album!
    Tha se akolouthisw me to p stamathsei ta kollhmata to follow button! xo


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