Thursday, 28 October 2010

The little things...

I'm finally back home in Athens and able to post again in the blog
-no internet connection in Igoumenitsa where i study- :( 
and while I was browsing the pictures in my laptop today and found some really random ones which i really love for the weirdest reason each...
But as odd as it seems the simplest things can brighten the gloomiest day...

A tiramisu,a strawberry bellini,a dirty martini,the Acropolis,shopping,a smoothie,an ice cream,a Starbucks coffee with ur other half,mini muffins, a frozen yogurt...

The simplest but oh!so delightful things!

So Boo!

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  1. GOD!!! I am 15 and I LOOOVE martiniii!
    Especially Martini Rosatoo!
    follow me too here if you want :D


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