Monday, 21 April 2014

Let it rain,let it pour...

Και να που μας τα χάλασε ο καιρός κι αρχίσαν οι βροχές!


Δεν μας νοιάζει όμως...
Μποτάκια, κολάν (H&M divided)
ζακέτα (BSB Fashion) γυαλάκια (Ray-Ban Aviators)
καλή παρέα... κι έξω!!!!

Φιλιά!!!!!!!! xxx

The weather is getting weird here in Athens, in a moment is a pouring and the next the sun is shinning!

But so what? I put on my boots, my H&M tights, Ray-Ban Aviators and BSB Fashion cardi and I'm out.
For a stroll. For a coffee. For a good time with friends!

Enjoy!!!! xxx

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