Friday, 14 December 2012

Winter Essentials: Part I - Leggings and Tights

So it's mid-December...
It's cold outside; but you've got to go out!
What can you wear that can be bot chic and stylish and weather appropriate?

and Tights!

The TOP 2 Winter Essentials that you simply HAVE to have in your wardrobe!

They come in jean (the so called Jeggings!)
 In corduroy (propably the cossiest!)
In metalic (to add a glam tone to your night!)
And in microsuede (seriously, this IS hot!!!)

Plus you can have it in lovely colours or/and patterns!

And as for the tights!
I don't think I have to say much!
They are the best way to copliment an outfit on a cold day,
they can give an other tone to a plain outfit and plus
you have way too many different styles that you simply CAN'T just find the one you like best!

And you know which is the best part?
That there are places like HUE who specialize in leg wear like
socks and legwarmers and make your life easier with just a click!

Shopping for your Winter Essentials or even your Christmast List in just one click!

And that, my fashionistas, is Bliss!


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  1. Haha, love the microsuede leggings! Just got some new Nononsense tights for Chistmas... so these are next on my list!


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