Friday, 15 June 2012

Summer Essentials 2012 - to the sea!

Yeah, it's this time of the year again...
This time when we "hit" the beach!!!
What are the Must-Haves?
Of course a bikini or two 
(or even a monokini/swimsuit if you like!)
A pair of classic Havaianna flip-flops
A huge shopper or tote bag!
(Nylon or canvas preferably)
a light beach reading or a magazine
your oh-so-faithful sunglasses
and girly,summery, cover up or one piece of course!

So go bold and bright with the fluos if you dare, they are a must right now and in some bikinis they actually look not so... bright!
Or go pastel and sweet, like this TOPSHOP mix and match set i have pinned here!
As for the tie-dye trend? I would rather recommend it for a cover up, like on this kaftan!
Plus! If you have that heart-shaped or oval-shaped face you are lucky enough to look pretty with round sunglasses! OWN IT! WORK IT! LOVE IT! How can you resist those lenses anyway?

Oh!So Boo!!!

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