Monday, 13 February 2012

St.Vale's day - what to give...

For your boyfriend/hubby/fiance it's pretty easy...
A dinner for two and a loooong... "night" in bed along with breakfast in bed will do ;)
Most guys actually aren't in this kind of "commercialistic" romance!
Or are closeted romantics and don't want to show!

But what does he get you to make you happy?
Valentine's day is actually 1 of the 3 days of the year that HE HAS TO BE ROMANTIC
and do something nice for you!
(the other two is Birthday and Anniversary)

So... I have an answer to every budget and every girls taste!

You can do something small but considerate like
chocolate pralines,cupcakes,roses,a teddy bear
Or something more thoughtfull...
like breakfast in bed...
or a movie, just the two of you...
or a dinner!

Or if he wants to spend more... he can always count on a little bling...
A Swarovski pendant (70-100$)
A Links of London "feed" cord bracelet (75$)
ZARA pumps (39,95 euros) or ballerina flats (19,95euros)

And finally if he wants to "pop the question"
but doesn't have that much money to spent on a ring,
he can always get this Swarovski crystalled one for 115$
Just saying!!!
You can never put a price on love!!!

Oh!So Boo!!!

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  1. really cute finds and photos!


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